Buyers Beware

Buyers beware, since the new Bobs is up and going I know of alot of user names that were changed. If you are going to buy something on Bobs at least check out this persons Profile page,.....and if they don't take Pay Pal ....don't send a Money Order to some one you don't know ! JMO
I have changed my user name after the crash from crazyj to my name and number Natale 19. I wanted to get away from the nick name,and let it be known who I am. I do not have pay-pal and never will have it. I do not put financial info. out where it does not need to be. I have bought ,and sold alot on bob's with no problem's, (knock on wood) by knowing who I am dealing with. I will not buy an item off of someone if they are not well known on bob's,or if I can't meet in person to complete the transaction.

Jeff Natale Kart #19