Buying a new chassis


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We are considering buying a new chassis and was wanting some info or feedback on a trick chassis. Prolly a scorpion!!
We have 2 on order now. Seen great success out of them in the southeast with what little time they have been out!
I switched from Infiniti after 10 yrs. to Trick a 2012 redemption. I couldn't be happier. I've had 2 cycles, clone, and now putting a predictor on it. I couldn't ask for better kart. It doesn't matter what I put on it it works.
Haven't yet seen a Scorpion but having owned a Riddler, Joker and 2 Redemptions can't see how it could be anything but great. By the way, I know Cwason76 and you can deal with him with confidence.
I've been on Trick for over 20 years !! They Keep getting Better. I'm on a 2013 Redemption and won every race I've raced so far !!
they are all fast if you have a decent chassis now i would keep it and take that $ and buy tires tires tires tires
My bro has a trick and man its fast!!!! going to buy a trick atttack 2012....this kart has won over $1500 this yr...
1st Place Motorsports in Cumberland, Md is a Trick dealer. If they are close to your area I highly recommend dealing with these guys.

240-362-4401 or 240-362-4402
MPH Kart Shop/Wicked Cuts is a dealer in Central Indiana, you can contact me at 317-446-9319! We are going to be putting in a good order here real soon!
Nick Welch
Wicked Cuts