Calibrate scales

Where can I get a set of scales calibrated. Bought a set of scales and they are way off. They are the older SWI set from intercomp.


Look in your phone book for a local place that does this. When I lived in VA we had Apple Valley Scale company. There are many other companies out there that offer scale calibration.


old fart
Using your scales your interested in percentages not weight. Put a 5# bag of sugar on each one and adjust the calibration so each reads 5#'s.

I was state certified to calibrate electronic scales and used a set of certified $2000 weights to make sure each of my 4 $6 Walmart scales read the same. ... :) I still have two sets of weights because I got to take my tools with me when I retired and the weight sets were just tools.

This sort of looks like what I have for weights. There just sitting in my junk pile of tools i'll probably never use or need.

alvin l nunley

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Listen to Paul, on this subject, he seems to know what he's talking about. Adjust each scale to a known weight, there must be some kind of adjustment screw, lever, something to adjust them to the weight you put on them. 5 pound bag of sugar, 10 pound bag of flour, hundred pound bag of cement, they would all work.
The person I bought them from agreed to have them calibrated at intercomp. They are an older set but I want them to be correct when I use them.

alvin l nunley

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I'm pretty sure those scales work with a strain gauge. Strain gauges are kind of sensitive to the ambient temp. I know that because I had a dyno back in the eighties and I had to calibrate the readings every time I ran the dyno. Temperatures in the dyno room could vary from about 55° to something over 90°. I'm pretty sure strain gauges are meant to be operated in a temperature control room. I made a precisely measured 1 foot arm that would bolt to the absorption unit and hung a precisely weighed weight on the end of it. I would then calibrate the computer (very easy to do) to that weight and number that the strain gauge put out.


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I have some ProForm wired scales that I thought was having a problem with one scale. Online they showed the calibration steps you would take if you did it at home. Sounds good? No. The procedure requires a 650 pound weight, like we all have them and a forklift laying around. Luckily it turned out to be one of the leads wasnt plugged in properly.