Can Briggs 206 work / drop in vintage Emmick kart that has Harbor Freight 212 cc motor?

I like everything about kart being sold but would prefer an American made motor. Would the Briggs 206 fit / work? Do I have to change much? Also, what would be an era correct motor? Kart has the padded black emmick seat / seat cover with letter E stitched in a different color. 70s 80s? Ger.


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Yes, the 206 should bolt right up where the current HF engine sits. (ie same bolt pattern on the base of the blocks.)
Vintage correct would probably have been a West Bend or more likely Mac 91-93.

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Isnt the 206 built in Mexico?


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Briggs assembles the engines in the U.S. A lot of the parts come from over seas, your going to run into this a lot. If you want a purely US built motor with US parts, you'll have to build it yourself.