Can someone identify this kart?


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This kart has a great story behind it so i want to fully restore it. So last weekend my family and i seen a gocart forsale on the side of the road stopped to take a look at it. Talking with the family about the gokart the man asked my wife what her last name was he asked if she knew danny (her deceased father) she says yes but he passed away years ago (WHEN SHE WAS 3), he says i know we were best freinds, He says if those boys are dannys grandkids u can have the gokart and ill deliver it. It was super awsome of him we talked for prolly 2 hours after my wife has never met anyone but family that knew her real dad cause she was 3 when he passed. So long story short i want to fully resore the kart to better than new with some in memory of things incorporated. I want to know some info about the cart also.