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Hey everyone,

I am brand new to karting, so everything right now is a learning experience. I bought a gently used ItalKart FP7 with a B&S LO206 engine. Today I decided to take apart the carb and clean it out, as I wasn't sure of the last time it was cleaned. When I start the engine, it'll start just fine with the choke open. It'll run about 2400 RPM's, and holds a nice steady rumble. After about let's say 4-5 minutes I close the choke, and it obviously drops in RPM's...but then it dies. It won't allowed me to restart the engine again, unless I open the choke.
Any advice??



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What did the inside of the carb look like ?
Don't close the choke seems like the answer .
Why would you want it closed when its running ?


Ok, So I am just going to put my ignorance on full display I said, I am brand new to karting and the LO206 engine.

Choke lever up is open = cold starting
Choke lever down is closed = After engine is warm and while driving

Do I have this correct, or am I backwards?


Ok, so upon further review….if the choke lever is in the down position it starts up with 3-4 pulls and runs at a solid 2400 RPM’s, but if I move the lever to the up position the RPM’s drop and it is dies. If the lever is up it won’t start again, but if the lever is down it starts right up again and runs at the RPM’s stated above. Is this the normal way to run it? I just need to make sure I’m not damaging it, since this is my first kart and honestly my first time working with any kind of engine like this.
I appreciate all the help here.
There are springs available to hold the choke lever down. We have them in stock if you can't find one locally. Some folks even wire tie the choke lever down so that it can't bounce/vibrate closed. Being able to choke the carb is helpful, especially in cold weather, or after flushing the carb & fuel system.

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