Carb Saver


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I heard that using a carb saver, the one that bolts onto the head then down to the carb, can crack the carb. Anyone have this problem? Heard it kind of second hand from a pretty well known engine builder. Is there anything better out there? Maybe it's just if you pick up the engine by the saver? Ran the last of the season without it and had my carb fall off twice. and the bolts stripped out. Had to helicoil them. Thanks for any input.
I think the true problem with them is that people wont install them right or will do just what you said and pick the engine up by the carb saver. if it is installed right it shouldn't push or pull on the carb and is there just for support against the vibrations then it really cant contribute to the carb cracking/breaking. that being said ive broken carbs with and without but I really don't believe the brace contributed to it.