have 4 mikuni 1 tilly!T&S360 w/ manifold as new as they come100.00 shipped-34 mm mikuni alky w/ horiz. manifold 75.00 shipped- buller 130 alky atomizer 100.00 alky-gas 34 mikuni buller w/ 2005 manifold 85.00-34 mm mikuni alky w/ horiz manifold 75.00 shipped. have poped all carbs all are working and holding! all or best offer! john 1 513 967 5383 or pm!
Hey john is that buller alky atomiser a modified wb3a, dont know what a 180 is. Looking for alky carb and manifold for kt100. Did you ever get a chance to look for a cht sensor with the square plug fo me?
yy. looked ! have guite a few but no square, cant find them in catalog either>> no carbs now for the yamaha!( will sell you an open bysuperdyne w/ carb- j-shaft-clutch and tsow pipefor a grand and ship) fast motor from pete. need it for a week,its going to a show on my 94 aero> sorry! ps .explain square? never saw one??
Its the mychron cyl head temp with the spark plug adapter and has a short pig tail that goes to a square plug with either two or three prongs. The suqare plug is male and it plugs into and extension cable thats female and runs to the plug on the back of the mychron unit. This gives more length for routing purposes. Iam looking at buying a velocity the guy has an 06 and 09 what are the differences between the two chassis. He says the 09 has two bolts in the bottom of the spindals is the 06 different?
tt- now i know what you have? should have one?shouldnt be a difference in the spindles! cant remember? only one bolt in catalog! tell him you want pics of the spindel. could be steering arm he is talking about (ackerman steering?