Carolina Unlimited Allstars 2014


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I know there are some who want to know what the CUAS will be doing next year, It's coming and I should have everything set before the Kart show in Hickory towards the end of Jan. I do know that my first race will be at Hwy 120 Speedway in Mooresboro NC I'm just waiting to get the Speedways schedule from Boyd. We will not be running as many races this year I do know that. Also besides this Series I will be once again helping with the Big " O" race that will be held sometime in Aug of 14. And if possible it will once again pay BIG $$$$$ Hopefully more than last year. Thanks and hope to see most of you at the Kart Show.
Thanks Charlie Stoffa ,sounds great you did a awesome job this year and last year and know next year will be fantasic . Hey guys when Charlie shows up with the Wankels everybody lines up against the fence to see some serious very fast racing, and see that red hot glow on his exhaust pipe.
Sounds great, Charlie! Hopefully the weather cooperates more this year, and I know I'll be at more races than last year... Kart's almost ready. Maybe I'll even make the haul to Williamston... Guess we'll look for the 2014 Schedule sticky when dates fall into place. ~Ted
No glowing pipes anymore straight pipes and the roar of the motors..... FOr that Charlie Stoffa Power no more B ba ba ba ba . now it is Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooa like the old macs used to sound..... Music to everyones ears except for Steve Windle that old GOAT....... BAhahahahahaha.....................
Ron Pritt

Merry xmas To the entire UAS from the Pritt Family. I hope you and yours has a joyous day and remeber the true meaning of CHISTmas...........