Caster plate angles Triton

ABR #69

Does anyone know the caster, and camber degrees on Triton frame caster plates? Also assuming they're toed 0? Also assuming they're not the same angles on the left and right. We all know about assumptions.....
Not what the race setup calls for, I'm talking if you were to check it on a chassis plate without L Blocks to ensure they're not bent.

Guessing this is the easiest way to reference these angles.

ABR #69

What angle are your plates at now?
I would think they should match the spindles . 7.5 / 15
I didn't want to assume they matched the spindles since I didn't know. But, I had the thought they might match what the stock L block was set up for. I'm not actually sure what the plates are. I am trying to help a friend determine if their chassis is bent.


Dawg 89
Ten 4 . I flipped my phenom over .
Leveled the rear rails then leveled of them again length wise .
Used a level with gauge blocks .
And a laser level .
Not really certain i accomplished anything . I was looking for swayback .