Caster vs wheel load

Ok so heres my question ....... On coke syrup concrete i know that you can dictate wheel loads at corner apex by changing caster settings on left vs right ..... I think if you take caster out of the right front it should have more load on it when you have steering input at say 10* of turn vs 0* ....... Now for the real question at hand......when you experience "tight" is it because you have to much caster and the rf tire has a lack of load or is it that you have too little caster and you overload the tire past slip angle ?
More caster directs more load onto the RF because of ride height change. It causes the kart to unload the LR and also holds weight off of the RR. Basically more caster makes the kart lift off of the track more. Tight depends on how the kart feels. If it's not turning then either more stagger or more camber is needed. If the engine is bogging down, more left is usually a good fix.
Is this a hypothetical question ? or are you having an on track problem?
caster also introduces camber gain , which excess caster would compound
an increase in camber gain will let chassis roll over putting more load on the tire.
on track issue tires to soft or not enough left
Castor's effects on corner loading as a result of weight jacking is minimal. On syrup I don't see people working with castor often and I don't recommend it. There are better tuning tools.