Ceramic bearkng winter storage.

I'm going to store a kart in my shed for the winter. It has Ceramic Front Bearings.

I got my rear wet one time and locked them up.

Do I need to receive these bearings to avoid condensation locking them up?

They are oiled of course. My initial thought is they will be fine. Of course the rears I locked up were oiled as well.


I've never heard of that! There's got to be some other issue. Use PB Blaster or Triflow or something. Soak them really well, they should be fine. Where do you live that's that moist?


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After you clean your kart, do you spray the bearings with WD40 to displace the water/moisture before re-lubing the bearings?
I've never seen one rust (ceramic or steel) that we've done that way. I just replaced bearings in a champ kart that I sold that's sat here in our trailer for the past few years. Bearings were like brand new. Only replaced them because the buyer didn't want/need ceramics.

Proper maintenance and you shouldn't ever see bearings get rusty.

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