chain/rear sprocket not matching up

I'm putting everything back together and have noticed that the chain and rear sprocket will turn well together for about 1/2 turn, then the chain and the sprocket get a little out of sync with each other and bind the axle up, and then pop free and I can get another good 1/2 turn or so.

Chain and sprocket are new - not sure what is bad? Motor position? axle bent or not aligned? chain? sprocket? I'm going to try some other sprockets to see if that helps - wondering if there are any typical causes of this. With no chain the rear axle spins well.


First make sure both halves are the correct sprocket. What I mean is that you have both halves of a 64 not half of a 64 and half 63. It can happen to all of us at some point if you have changed many gears in a day. Second, make sure your sprocket halves are matched with your alignment marks. Third, loosen all your sprocket bolts, squeeze the chain around the sprocket then retighten. If all that fails you have a bad chain.
two things I would check, it happened to me, first what chain are you using, I had bad luck with the gold chain with the leg on box, had a tight spot in chain links for some reason, next make sure your push pin in your chain tool is not burred up


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Are the halves matched up hole to hole? I know a lot of the sprockets have a cut out to show how the halves butt together.
Get a good flat file--lay it on your work bench--take each gear half and place it on the file and clean up the ends of the gear halves--it generally doesn't take much filing to clean up the ends of the gears. Lots of times this will take the "bounce " out. Also you can mount the gear leaving the bolts a little loose. tighten motor mount, grasp the chain and pull it together, rotate axle a half turn, squeeze the chain together, tighten gear bolts. Both "fixes" are easy and sometimes solve the problem.