Champ ELs and Pinks, who runs both and what adjustments do you make.


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I know some people run EL clone champ classes and Animal Pink / Blue classes. What adjustments do you make to your chassis to swap back and forth?
Cross, will usually end up raising the cross when switching to EL's, due to the difference in the tires sidewall spring rate which affects side bite and loading
Cross usually goes down when putting the El tires on. Pinks have a much stiffer sidewall.

at the track he runs, it's actually been the opposite, when the clone motors were given more power most fought a big push on entry (really the things pushed through the entire corner but really bad on entry). you could correct the issue with running a different line but it would end up throwing off the exit of the corner. So raising the cross helped alleviate the push on corner entry and allowed the champs to carry more momentum into the corners.