How many of ya'll would be interested in having a champ kart division at Ace Speedway, similar to the guys in Florida that race on the paved tracks like the big cars do . I have spoke to Brad Allen & he is considering on trying to do this. Just wanted to hear some other opinions about it.
Yeah I know, I tried to get something started with Ace Speedway. At first, Brad( track promoter) was all for it I even talked to Adam through Hoosier tire & he was going to let us have the A40A compound tires for $90.00 a set to help get things started. I researched your series at Langley & it seems you have a good thing going. I just wished it wasn't so far for me to travel. Does your series run at South Boston sometimes I have heard that & if so when , because I am only hour&half away from there.
Mike, do you have the dates on the events at south boston , & if so where do you purchase the top wing & also what gear along with tire rules do you use. I have a lot of interest in doing this just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks, Teddy.
Would love to run w/you guys. Our series has slowed down in S. FL....Lack of money, sponsorship, and a few guys smacked the wall and the wife said "NO MORE" and or just scared. It's the most exciting thing to draft at over 70 mph in a kart. If I had more $$ I'd race legends cars!! We used to have 25 - 30 could see the train of karts in some of my videos. Best of luck to you all.
yeah, we would like to get something like that started here at ace speedway. Langley speedway has a great program for there pro wing champ kart division. we where going to test this past wed. on 9th, but was canceled because of rain. so we are planning another test at ace next wed. I am going under the HRKC rules for there winged champ kart series. the event I am planning on racing at will be held at south boston speedway on aug 2 we were just trying to find a baseline setup at ace, & hoping that Brad Allen(the owner) would take interest in this series. like you said it is really exciting to watch. I know that Langley has had 25 to 30 buggies at there track.