Charger Racing chassis


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My suggestion would be, on a typical low-bite Saturday night track, to stay with the Cadet. If your local track is more medium bite level, you would be a candidate for the Hybrid.
So when would you buy a standard prodigy
1) you're very comfortable with your tire game. The standard tube will be a bit more tire sensitive
2) When roll speed is a high priority. The stiffer chassis will have a greater potential for higher roll speed


Chavous can have any charger he wants and chooses the cadet. why would you pick something different? he wins in every track surface engine package and the 811 with MC is on top of their tire game. I am suspicious they put different stickers on the same chassis. though. lol
Fifty 5 cartel did tell me they ran the standard in super heavy FYI


I just don’t get why you get on the Charger site and there’s no explanation of what the differences in karts are. Ultramax doesn’t have the Evolve on their page.