Good day of practice at Charlotte in the Road Racing series. Plenty of karts having trouble negotiating the infield turns. Wearing that lawn out!
Rain delay before the beginning of race 7. Lightning in the area. Double points tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Which number kart/garage are you Clark? We are #400. Come by and say hello.


We're in garage 10. CiK 206 #14 and
151. IAME Sprint #151.
See you tomorrow sometime.
Clark Gaynor Sr. and Jr (the faster Clark).?
Glad to meet you Clark. Another close CIK/LO206 race! Emotions ran a little high after the race on Sunday. Warm temperatures, a tricky track and wheel to wheel racing for 30 minutes. Great listening to everyones favorite "Turn Two" story.


Same here Tim. It's nice to put a true name and face with a post.
Ditto on the turn two thing and tempers. Hopefully, next year we can have the entire roval back!!
Take care,
Clark Gaynor Sr.

Jody / ARC Racing

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The road race at Charlotte was a great success in my eyes. The track was a little rough and quite tricky in the first couple of corners but we all was on the same track and had to negotiate the same tricky corners. Very few bad crashes which just goes to show the caliber of drivers in the road racing series. I think WKA done a great job running the show as well as making the changes to the track that was needed. Real good kart count, especially the 23 in the Animal Heavy class. Lots of really good races all weekend. Already looking forward to going back next year...