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Been out of karting for a few years, but today picked up a nice flat kart for a cousin who is wanting to get his young son started racing. Guy who I got it from was super nice, but really didn’t know much about it. Hoping y’all might could shed some light on things.

He thought it was 2014 model year, but I can’t find any stampings, tags, or markings anywhere. Looked in the usual locations....axle hangers, column base, spindle locations, etc. to find nothing. Trying to get a couple pictures of like the L blocks, spindles, and even seat mounts to give a clue as to who might have made it.

Anyway, all thoughts would be welcome. Would love to know what I just bought.....the price was too good to pass up, and it appears to be in good shape! :)



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I'm not trying to spam the forum, but I know when trying to ID something, pictures are worth a lot!


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I think this is it for now. Let me know if there are other things I should get pictures of. Thanks!


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My wild guess is it is some sort of Millenium chassis. But I haven't been able to find the exact model with the front seat cross bar tie to the right rail.
Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I knew I’d find the right guy on here that would know.

You would not happen to know where I could get set up sheets on this thing by any chance?