Chassis id help?


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Hi my name is tommy Russell I bought this chassis for 100 dollars and am wondering what kind of chassis it is the only numbers are shown in pics. The front two nerf bar holders I welded in so they are not factory. The tires are from 2004 possibly when kart was new any help will be greatly appreciated phantom chassis said possibly older trick and trick said it is not one of theirs
Im gonna say its older chassis that someone changed over to an adjustable front end, I would also put a different rear bumper on it and cut that one off. The nerf risers are welded on they probably used to come back at an angle, looks a lot like my 94 bandit converted over on the front. Do you have any of the components or just a bare frame? The bare frame of the bandit, it has similar mount for the steering on the bottom but not at the top. What is the size on the tubing 1 1/4 its gonna be newer than the 1 1/8. That old bandit still handles well and I run it in open classes, frame has been broke twice. Get some pics of the spindles and im sure the guys on here can get ya closer. Its really just a piece of mind knowing what brand it is. As long as you can measure bearings, most things are universal between chassis. I say paint it and name it your own..
Russell26,I'm pretty sure your kart is a LASER AV1. the # on the LR hanger (9052) means it was the 52 kart built in 1996. I had one of these karts, it was awesome. Won the 96 Briggs & Stratton 300 on it.
Was going to say it wasn't a Bandit, before Kerry commented. He flew on the Av1, one of the years the Robinson speed shop didn't win the 300.