Chassis Identification


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Before I begin I want to apologize up front if I missed this particular chassis in my search across the web, on here, and social media. I've been on and off tinkering with trying to figure out what it is and tossing around the idea of trying out karting.

Bought as a turn key kart two years ago with some brake issues. I know it's fairly old by the steering. I've posted it on Facebook with no true endings in "it may be this, ask them". Anywho here it is:



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So many similarities to other chassis , as Ted said pretty unique .
The spindle design kinda dates it 1995- 2000 maybe .

larry swofford

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I believe this could be a MAXAM , they were built by FairfieldMotorSports around late 90,s or early 2000,s .I have one that looks alot like it


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That is a 98-99 Legend SS. I built it. The Legend SS was a very popular chassis for many years. This was the last year with the non parallel arm nerfs. Spindles and other parts are still available, built to order.


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There you have it from the horses mouth .
Do not try running the current high cross set ups on it .
Looks like it has the adjustable rt frt camber .
Our had a jack bolt also .
Rotaing the cassettes would add cross or skew the axle .