cheap kart build


Im making a diesel go kart for mudding, I need more rpm and a cheap way to build a frame like a base of a frame then add spindals and axels ect


Looked at 1 on Amazon, Vortex air cooled diesel.

thats what i was planning on using, that is a difference
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Diesel have two characteristics: low rpms/high torque and heavy weight. not ideal to build a go kart, but in any case there is no need to make a Diesel rev to get their peak power.
No they never made them. Check out cars and cameras video on youtube with a diesel engine. I think the idea of a diesel motor is cool but they are heavy and they make a bunch of torque but they don't have much speed to them in a small engine. Plus there isn't a big market for aftermarket small diesel engine parts. It would be cheaper to just go with a predator 212 and put a stage 1 or 2 kit on it. I mean I think most people can agree with you diesels are awesome but they just arnt very practical for a go kart. Since yours is for mudding a diesel engine may fit the application a little better than a yard kart since you arnt gonna go fast but dont plan on being able to do many mods to it or get it to go very fast.