Chest Protector


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Thats for motocross .
Kart chest protectors protect the ribs also .


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armadillo vest here... wouldn’t use anything but.


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I’ll take a look at them. Heck I still wear mine.. I’m too old to get busted up in a wreck or get punted in the chest with a column... I’ll wear mine every time I’m in the seat


Ya I’m not saying you shouldn’t, they just chose not to. They are old enough to decide their own fate lol.

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I was curious if anyone has used this chest protector for their little one?
All kart tracks SHOULD be requiring there young racers to wear the SFI APPROVED chest protectors.....These should be checked during pre-tech along with there helmets...Proper fit is very important for both helmet & chest protector........This is a Great safty item that senior racers also wear though not required...