chile bowl

Hey George tell me we cant grow up here in okieland. Did ya see the haunches on those fine little Phillys. They had their fine rear end riding around in the rear end of those trucks. Makes me feel mighty young again still think I can JOCKEY those young throubreds, probably kill me though but what a way to go. Have to build me a special casket with a big hump in the middle. LOL What a c main so far starting to get good hope little swindell makes it through. Sucks couldnt get tickets for tonight made it for tues and thur though what a show. How bout Yealy pushing the Krusser all the way around the track awsome
How bout stenhouse got that butt kicked and hes out of there. WOW had it now its gone. Come on Pitman he a good buddy of my son and I from the ol go kart days and a Owasso OK boy