Christmas decoration problems solved here !


old fart
Instead of laboring on a ladder hanging lights across the gutters, putting my life in danger in weather below 20 degrees, from the inside of the house I hung some red bows on the front windows and door. I then simply turned the motion detection security lighting onto the bows. Twenty bucks in red bows and five minutes on a ladder and I'm done.

Does anyone want to read about Christmas Lights this year? It's sort of an annual thing with me if I can find it and post it again. ... :)
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My easiest part is decorating the 4' artificial tree. When Christmas is over, I simply cover it with a 55 gal. trash bag and put in a guest bedroom closet. When Christmas arrives the next year I simply slip off the bag and voila, plug it in and it's ready to go. We live too far from the road and in the woods for anyone to enjoy outdoor lighting. BUT, a few years back I did take outdoor lighting and spell "Happy Holidays" on an open area of the lawn and was told that it could be read at night by folks flying into Gainesville.
And you heard about this first on Bob's !

This if from the mind of my wife. How about I put a Flat Screen TV outside with a wooden frame and trimmings around it, showing the Nativity Scene or Play. ... :)
I built a 5' star out of 1 x 2's, with string/rope lights t-wrapped to all the straight parts and it stands out on the yard, 5 pointed American star. My bride hates it, maybe I'll change the colors this yr.?