CKE engines or PEC power

Marty is a stand up guy and his engines are great. I can't speak for pec but I stand behind cke boom boom power. Customer service is great. The engines perform. And we had 2 podiums at batesville and passed tech with flying colors. Couldn't be happier.


WV Race Fan
I believe a PEC engine sat on the pole for the $10,000.00 race at Possum Kingdom this past weekend.
I have ran both and prefer cke over pec. Bought lots of parts fromn pec, customer service is lacking. Had a small issue that I had to resolve elsewhere. Marty has excellent cutomer service and builds a solid motor.
Do y'all know anything about the powerhouse engines from David alewine I bought a kart from him at thanksgiving thunder and he's a real cool guy want to try to go through him. And get a clone
We had a great 2013 with 29 wins, we made the switch to CKE Racing for 2014.

Thus far Marty's customer service and racer support has been exceptional, we have independently dyno'd our CKE motor's and they are every bit as good if not slightly better than our motors last year.