CKI Vulcan chassis

The most recent chassis from CKI is the vulcan released in 2021 I think.


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Is the 2022 a better chassis? What did the change help with?
Whatst the setup numbers for a 2021 va the 2022?


CKI/Laser did not produce the Vulcan, Kinetik did, then bought out CKI. Technically on paper you could call it a“CKI” kart, but imo not really
That is not a CKI kart that is a Kinetik. Wesley LeBlanc bought out CKI.
The 2021 and 2022 are both Vulcans the 2021 is called a hybrid because it is big tube and small tube the 2022 is all big tube and little different tube placement. Very sharp karts.
Different widths front and back different size tubing different tube placement.
Both karts were designed by 2 different drivers.


I know Wesley was on one at the Batesville Nationals, trying it out and won one class, I didn't know who the other one was.