Clearish yellow prep


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Looking for some help but may be in the wrong section. Anyone ran across a prep that’s supposedly been around for a few decades that has a clearish yellow tint to it? It has a very strong alcohol/solvent style smell that will burn your nose hairs just about! I would call it a relatively quick dryer that will also leave a slight sticky residue on your sidewalls if you let it stay on them while drying. It’s not the absolute best out there for bite but it gives really good bite and will stay in the tire for extremely long races. It doesn’t soften as aggressive as a straight goat style prep. I sometimes wondered if it was an aromatic. Small amount of red tranny fluid. A wd/pb/ or track bite for the yellowish tint. Also it doesn’t really like to be mixed that much. I’ve added goat 50/50 and it wasn’t as good as just the normal mix. No labels. Nothing to go off of. Looking for some help. Thank you