Clone Carb question


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Can anyone post a pic of a clone carb and show me what part of the carb is the venturi bore, or where it is located? Im trying to check a carb i have and see if it is a .575 or .615 carb but have no idea where the venturi bore is. Is the venturi the tube that you screw the main jet up into, and those 2 holes on each side of the bottom of it would be considered the bore?
Thanks for your reply, it is appreciated. Trying to learn more about carbs and use the ones i have laying around to learn with
The venturi is the part of the carb where the brass Etube is sticking up through. It should also be the shiny part inside the carb.
Like Hal & Jody said..
The carb has 3 sections..
Throttle Bore >> where the throttle butterfly is..
Venturi >> thats n the middle and is the smallest part of the carb,, e tube sticks up right in the middle of it.
Choke Bore >> untouched casted area that houses the choke
How well do you know Walt Conners?

I know him pretty well i believe, he has helped me out with parts and advice alot at Lightning Valley and Liberty Indoors both. I have been to his garage at his house also. Why do you ask?
thanks for all the answers guys, i realize what it is now! lol I feel so stupid for even asking this question