clone forged rod

I don't think anyone makes a forged steel rod for a 196cc clone, I know honda use to make and still might, a steel rod for 390cc engines.
not specifically, but on a predator, you don't want to rev it past say 5600 or the rod will let go...some have had them past that, but they would be living on borrowed time. remember that we are all working with an engine, yes even the clones, that were designed to split logs or mow the lawn. we've just adapted them to racing. and personally, if I'm going to rev up the motor to the max, I'm going with a billet rod. maybe some of the (hate to say it), lower classes can get away with running a forged rod, but with a motor producing or capable of producing in excess of 20 horse, you best believe that you need to play it safe and get the right stuff.....
NMS there ARE no forged rods on the market yet so the RPM is a moot point.

MIKEY hate to tell ya BUT a proper forged rod is stronger than a billet.

Just a thought, (;-) TP
I said it on the old site "billet the least understood and most often misused term in relation to metal component fabrication".
vamx...I can understand what your saying, but the key word that you used is "proper". as quality control is questionable when it comes to what we get from overseas, I have to think that a rod cut from a solid piece of aluminum is going to be better than what we have seen in some of the engines brought to us from the fine makers of lawn equipment. depending on who makes the rod and what compounds they use for the forging process, then they can conceivably produce something stronger than steel. but in this day and age, the manufacturing of those components has to be suspect because it's all driven by the mighty dollar, or yen, or franc, or ruble, or peso....anymore, you are getting something that will hold up to average use....but not for the purposes that we use them for. but this isn't limited to racing or row's this way for everything....the companies produce an widget as cheaply as they can and sell it for as much as they can. this is the prime reason that right now, the billet rod is the best bang for your buck....otherwise, we wouldn't be using them.....

just my thoughts!