clone fuel


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most stations in our area sell 87 gas with ethanol mixed with it. do clone motors run better on this fuel or would I be better off to venture out of town and find a station that sells pure 100% gas with no ethanol in it?
We use 87 in our clones and put ethanol treatment in with it. I mix about 2oz oof treatment per 5 gal can of gas. Also use the mix in our generator. Rest goes into truck, next week do it again with fresh gas.
I prefer non ethanol but we've won on both. As long you're not supposed to buy from a particular station go ahead and buy the non ethanol. I've heard some people say that you'll get dq'd with non ethanol gas because it won't pass tech but we've never been dq'd for it. We have passed every time!
I don't loose any sleep using month old gasoline from my lawnmower and its also the 'cheapest' stuff I can find....(true story)!.....jmo
Not sure about the USA but up in the north land you can find coloured fuel and marina ( same stuff ) with no ethanol in 97 octane.
Might be the same in the USA.

Boaters don't like the 10% ethanol, just too many places on a boat to pull moister into the fuel system and ethanol will just help pull that water out of the traps into the engine

Also, coloured fuel is cheaper since it has no road tax.