Clone Green Plate, Stall at Idle only after laps


I have a Green Plate clone, it will only stall after it has been under load on the track for a few laps. You can rev it all day long on the stand and never stalls. When on the gas a racing it runs fine as well, as soon as you enter the pits though to goto the scales and your off the throttle it quits. It will fire back up after a couple pulls and you have to keep it going for a second with the throttle until it picks itself back up. Changed carb and still no different.

Anyone experienced this or have any ideas? Its tough to diagnose as it only happens after after a lap on the track.

Big Chris

Clutch not completely disengaging? Especially after is has gotten hot. Often times the rpm required for clutch disengagement is less than the rpms required to engage. Also, all springs lose strength as they heat up.


Did you buy a carb specific for the plate your running? Its been my experience that the carbs for the plate motors are extremely rich on the idle jet. They run good cold but after laps they try to flood out coming off track. I have tried to go down on jet but it doesn't do anything. We just idle them up some (2600-2800) and change plugs often.