Clone Mount

I bought a Clone engine from a guy and the right rear mount is cracked/broken from damage during shipping. How long do you guys think the weld will last? Thinking about the rotational force it should create more stress on the aft part of the mount if I am thinking about this correctly?
I cant say for sure, but I only put 3 bolts in the engine when dynoing. I have made 25hp on it and turned over 9000rpm. Just some info for you
No big force or pressure on the rear of the engine except a little upward lift during tork. like young engines said, 3 bolts is all that's needed. 2 in the front and 1 in the rear.
Thanks for the input. Going to try it and hope it works. Good ol' UPS dropped it somehow. It's ok insurance covered it and I got the money for a new motor now I have a backup.