Clone or Honda


My grandson will soon be racing Jr 2 purple plate clone division. I have a Honda GX 160 I’m planning to put on for now, so he can get some seat time. I’ve been told the clone is a copy of the Honda. Is that true? Can the GX160 be run in a clone class? If not, would I need a completely different engine or can the Honda be reconfigured.


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No the honda can not be used .
Rules require a clone engine .
Check your track for class structure they may have a predator class .


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Clone is a copy of the gx200, your gx160 would be way down on power. Not to mention completely illegal. Get in touch with the track. Ask them what rules they run, some run AKRA clone rules, some run NKA, many allow both bc they end up making very similar power.

NKA rulebook is a free download if you want to see what it entails. AKRA rulebook can be bought from many kart shops..