Clutch and Engagement RPM Recommendations

Chuck D

Looking for recommendations for the following:

Stock Predator Class: 375# plus (I'm a big guy, will be hauling more than the minimum weight requirement for the class)

Engine box stock except for a header/muffler pkg, an air filter and adaptor, and a larger jet in the carb.

What would be your recommendations for a clutch choice and a stall speed recommendation (2700 rpm?)

Thanks for your input !


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Bully clutch would be the way to go for sure...
But are you sure about 2700 rpm engagement?
I had thought that the peak torque was a good bit higher, but I don't build Predators, (just clutches for them.)

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Were seeing here 2600 to 2850, there not built Predators there out of the box, race RPM is only 4800 to 4900.


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The Predator out of the box should be max torque @ 2500.
I'm sure there's plenty of builder tricks & tweaks within the rules to raise that higher.
The "built" or "tuned" ones that I've built clutches for were all 3000 - 3200 rpm engagement even with the governor in place. Seems like a pretty narrow powerband to work with between peak torque and peak rpm, but hey - to each their own. :)