Clutch cleaner


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I soak my disc in acetone after I hit them with a copper welders brush. Rest of the parts get brake kleen and wiped off before a light oil and reassembly
You guys should specify how often you are disassembling and doing this. My understanding is they don't need to come apart until the air gap is too wide? I take the basket off weekly and clean/grease bearings and blow out the discs with air. I haven't been using them long though so i'm for sure not an authority


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^ That's right.

You can really mess up a clutch if you re-assemble it incorrectly.
Each plate should be marked for location and direction, friction discs marked for direction, and re-assembled in exactly the order, orientation, and direction that it came apart.

Blow out the clutch discs with dry compressed air, clean and lightly grease the bearings.
Maybe every 5 race days or so, soak the clutch in a bath of acetone (not every week.)

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