Clutch wont line up?


Im putting a 212 in my granndpas go kart and well i cant move the motor over anymore and the pic shows the clutch flush with the shaft. Is it safe/ok to let the clutch over hang a little bit if i make sure my set screws are tight then the nut and wash on the shaft? Its like maybe a 16th or a 8th of an inch off


Set screws don't hold very well. You need a spacer behind the clutch and some flat washers to take up the space on the end of the shaft or your big clutch washer will flex too much.

Can you grind a little off the sprocket hub or widen the slots on your mounting plate a little. Also, you need a chain guard on there too.


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I would space the clutch out where it lines up good and use a bolt and washer to hold it on instead of the set screws.