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Hey guys, I picked up two used clutches in a buyout. Im not exactly sure what i could do with them though. One is a Horstman x-5 two disc, and the other I believe is an SBC Vortex. Im not exactly sure on the SBC, but it is a single disc. I bought them cheap so Im not out that much money. Would either of these be worth rebuilding andrunning in a medium class clone? Im just not sure how deep I wanna get into them. Thanks for any help



Tough to answer back if they would be worth rebuilding. What's worth it to one person is not worth it to another.

I suggest you look at replacement part cost and compare it, in your own mind, to the price of a new clutch.
Quoting me and taking full credit for the concept: ... :)

"A general rule for the price of anything used which works is 1/3 or less the cost of new. If there's something wrong with it that makes it not usable then its worth 1/3 or less the price of new, minus what it would cost to make it work."

Learning to use what I just explained as a guide in your head will allow you to walk away from stuff which looks like a bargain and is not. The farther below 1/3 the price new you can get it for, the more potential profit you can make. The thing is even if you pay top dollar for used at 1/3 the price of new, you can still make profit selling it a 1/2 new price. And it's likely you'll be able to sell most anything at 1/2 the cost of new.

I have to add when I say if it works, what works depends on what it's used for. If it's used for a simple function then the rule applies. When you price something you also need to take into consideration value. Things like cars, paintings etc., can loose or gain value for reasons other then function. Two clutches may work the same for racing needs, but be priced differently only because of perceived value. Perception about products and skills can be altered but personal likes or dislikes and amoung other things, perception can be altered by advertising.

How much it will cost you to make something work and which will determine what it's worth, depends on your skills and your ability. Specifically your skill and ability to get the parts needed at a low price or if you may already have parts to repair it new or used.

You also need to learn to put a value on your time. Different people will value their time differently. If you normally make $150 an hour; rebuilding a clutch will not be worth your time even if it's free. That is unless it's time spent for your own enjoyment. You may have a technical job requiring a lot of sit down paper work which you enjoy, but it is labor and hard work thinking about stuff. Rebuilding a clutch with the mechanical skills required may be just what you need to make it worth doing. Or you may rebuild clutches for a living and when you have the work the amount of profit for the clutches you can do in an hour, may equal $150 an hour. In the end what something is worth to you depends on a lot of stuff.

But I think the general rule I came up with over the years I gave to you is pretty close.
Both are 4 cycle clutches.

It sounds like you got a jr buy-out....the single disc SMC Vortex is a popular clutch for the Jr1 class and the X5 works well for both jr1 and jr2 classes. We have sold, rebuilt, and raced tons of Horstman X5 clutches over the past several years. These are a real good clutch if they are set-up right. Either would be ok to have rebuilt for clone medium....Small pipe clone, you'll be fine with the X5 for sure. As guys are going to disc clutches and open pipes on these clones, they are finding that they bigger clutches like the 2 disc Bullys work better (especially if you have several restarts during a race.)

If you need anything, clutch work, or even just questions answered, please feel free to call on us.

Thanks and God bless,
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