Coil issues


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So I have this issue that when the engine warms up the coil is shutting down and barely sparks to where it wont run. I thought the coil was bad so I replaced it and after barely any use this new coil is doing the same. 1, what causes this? 2, Is there a way to check to see if the coil is bad with a ohm meter? 3, my air gap is set at .030, which is manufacturer recommendation, is that ok?
raise the coil gap to around .035 or .038 would be one suggestion, havent seen anyone run that low of a coil gap with billet wheels, these flywheels have stronger magnets than stock wheels, so they need more coil gap than a stock wheel would need. What you have it set at now (.030) is close to where i set my stock wheels at (.025)
Resistor in plug boot. When using flywheels with rare earth magnets, they put out much more energy than stock wheel. The resistor doesn't allow the coil to fully discharge and as a result the stock coil heats up and damage the coil. Some plug boots you can remove the resistor by screwing out with a small screwdriver and some of them you have to destroy the boot to get them out and use an automotive boot with plug end.
If running akra rules. Auto boot will get you DQ keep that in mind. Wire and boot compared to box stock part.