Coke syrup phenom


I have a jr1 05 phenom. What's are some ways of keeping the left side on the ground other than more left? I have been to the point of weighing 50lbs heavy just to tame it. Seat and motor are all the way over to left. Don't want to change much as we are very fast and have won or top three in all our events. Just gets a little to much lift off sometimes. Any help would be great thanks.
Open tire rule but I don't have much other on hand tracks around here get really fast all day the seem to slick off a little come feature time
My first move would be to get on some Firestones or Dunlops when the track bites up hard...they will tend to free the kart up better then a Burris

After that, I would try increasing the RF camber...Low RF camber is the norm indoors, but if its too low it will cause too much weight transfer to the RF and make it 2 wheel