Comer k125


K125 with box muffler makes less power than a KT100 4 hole so about 10hp. K125 with pipe makes a little more power than a KT100 4 hole so about 13hp.

That engine has small transfer passages, low compression ratio and needs a good helicoil for the spark plug and maybe a slightly bigger carb. Fix that and it will go a little faster. You're not going to get too far because it's got a massively heavy piston and it craps the rod out if you push it. Keep it stock with box muffler on pump gas and it will last forever.

Can they open ports and deck head take some weight off piston skirt . What carb should i change to and where can i get a header will any muffler work that has a expansion chamber I mean I'd figure anything is better then the box muffler .
I'm sure I could take a few grams out of the piston and notching it should help with that ( notch the skirt for the intake and tramsfers

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Sometimes projects are fun.....don't let me stop you....but I've pursued oddball stuff like that too long. Make sure you're not trying to polish a piece of feces... What's your goal with the project?