Coming off Rev Limiter


I only got to run once this year so I didn't really get to play with gears.

Asphalt track, long straight into a decreasing radius turn that really tightens up. Long before the turn you hit the rev limiter. You're on the rev limiter until you get so far into the turn that the kart slows down and you come off the rev limiter.

My question is would you come off the rev limiter sooner or later with a taller gear ratio?

You need to gear your kart so you can go to your normal lift/brake point at end of longest straight when the rev limiter hits,
depending on your track and your weight class you may have to hit the limiter a tic sooner . Sounds to me like you are trying to
run to much gear, start by taking two teeth off the axle until you find the sweet spot and watch your lap times get better .


The way it is at this track, lots of turns going uphill and the straights not that long. You hit the limiter on the down hill straight way before you get to the corner, you're on the limiter until the last part of the turn when it comes back on. it's a little weird because you get this sudden blast of power. I want it to come on a little sooner.