Compare 3disc to 2 disc clutch?


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Ok so I am starting to race in an adult caged animal class. Weight is 410lbs. I have a 2 disc jammer that I used some on my sons rookie blue animal. I debating if that will be suitable or do I need to go to a 3 disc. I am considering the vortex red just not sure if two disc will work or should I go 3?
Thanks in advance Jamie
I can't speak for the performance of the Vortex Red because I simply haven't worked with them enough to know. My personal experience says that a 3 disc is a more durable clutch for the torque that the animal puts out. The extra weight of the caged kart is a bit of a concern likewise as it'll take a bit more to pull along on starts and restarts. The 3 disc will not build as much heat due to overpowering the discs surfaces and be more consistent in the even of several restarts.
Remember a few years ago, many guys went to the single disc clutches in the stock classes because they were "adequate". Well, if the race went green to checkers, you'd be fine, but after a restart or two, that single disc clutch got lazy - then came the rebuilds every other race just to stay on top of it. Pretty soon, everyone was back on 2 disc clutches again.
I think the same is true with the 2 - 3 disc comparison with the animal. 2 disc with steel basket is just fine if you don't get a lot of restarts or for tracks where you're not in the clutch any more than when they throw the green, or possibly a restart or two. Put several restarts back to back, (not that that ever happens in karting, right?) and you've heated that 2 disc clutch up. 3 disc is just a bit more insurance for those longer races.

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Jammer offers the 2 disk Animal clutch it was designed specificaly for the Animal engine pacage . but i am not familiar with the extra weight of the champ karts .
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Me on the animal weighing in at 426lbs at the beginning of the season, I had no issues with a two disc clutch. Now, these are clutches I rebuild and maintain so I can't vouch for how it will work for other people. A three disc is a mighty hefty clutch, and i can't see it being a bad decision. I use one on the open animal and love it.
As far as the Vortex red, I'm leaning on buying them for our karts this year. I'm seeing lots of good results on the track, not to mention I've always preferred the design of the SMC.
Either way, proper rebuilds and maintenance are key to any good clutch performance.

We use 2 disc for anything up to unrestricted animal..after power exceeds unrestricted animal territory we move up to 3 disc...all above posts are good information from reputable individuals.
The only bad thing I have to say about the vortex red is that you cant use Bully style drivers. Other than that its agreat clutch. We use Black just for that reason. Good luck and happy racing.
Can be 200-250# or even higher (depends on driver weight and how much weight you've got to add to make the class weight.)
The class weight seems to be geared for the big guys weighing 200# and up. If you've got a young adult (girl or boy) that's on the slim side, get ready to break your back lifting that lead sled all night. :)
I still stick with my assessment: 2 disc Bully (or brand of your choice) with steel basket if you have few cautions and restarts. 3 disc if it's like most race nights.
Not that I’m any kind of an expert on the subject, but I can’t see any reason not to run a 3 disk. One more disk to absorb the power should be good. I can’t see the extra weight being any trouble. I haven’t heard of any crankshaft breaking because of the extra weight. The acceleration is relatively slow, so the extra weight shouldn’t hurt there. The extra weight is hardly a consideration compared to the total kart weight.
Comments compliments criticisms and questions always welcome.
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The 3 disc is much better on the heavier karts and will last longer before rebuilds The 2 disc works the same just gets hotter quicker and the wear factor is shorter
what about running the three disc on a clone, I am over the minimum weight for the class by 50lbs. What springs and weights on levers should I use if running the bully three disc.
what about running the three disc on a clone, I am over the minimum weight for the class by 50lbs. What springs and weights on levers should I use if running the bully three disc.

Id stay with a two disc...but if 3 disc..need to know if its 4 spring or 6 spring.
If its big pipe clone id go with blue springs .185 spring height, bolt in each lever in the outer position.

If its small pipe id go with blue springs .225 spring height, bolt in each lever in the outer position also.

If you have red springs in it then .175 spring height for small pipe, or .185 for big pipe with bolt in EVERY OTHER lever outer hole position.

Hope I could help. RT