Copper head gasket


If using a copper gasket on a modified clone,do any of you use anything else to help it seal or just the gasket alone? Discovered mine leaking the last weekend we ran. When I pulled the head,the copper gasket had some type of black sealer applied to it.

They make a sealer just for copper head gaskets....last time I checked it was easily available at Summit and other performance shops.
I havn't had good results w/ Cu gaskets! I've gone too the Burris laminated gaskets w/ good success. In the sud use the cu hd gasket spray-on sealer. JMO
Far as I know...there are two types of copper head gaskets from automotive stand point.
One kind that is used when the block is o-ringed, and then the other is used with spray on sealant...
Most of the time the gasket can be reused.
One thing I learned over the years is Copper or brass when worked (stretched,squashed,stomped on,whatever) gets hard........ your (MY) best trick is to anneal it(soften it) is put it on a hot stove burner it will change colors QUICKLY so be ready when it is turns light to medium Blue grab that piece of wire that you already have put thru bolt hole and throw it immediately into cold water,now you have a nice soft copper gasket that you can use over and over Used to do it w/cartridge cases when reloading ......Watch Carefully(color)-- Move Fast