Corner Weights and Percentages Spreadsheets

alvin l nunley

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Corner Weights and Percentages Spreadsheets
Four spreadsheets to calculate your corner weights, enter your set up and print a set up sheet with no numbers to take to the track. Fill in the numbers at the track by hand and update your computerized set up sheet when you get home. Print as many copies of the blank spreadsheet as you want.
If you’re doing scaling for other people at home, or at work, this is the perfect companion to save you time and give your customer accurate information they can take with them. You can put in the total weight and the percentage the customer wants, or you can put in the corner weights as you get them, and the rest of the sheet fills out itself. It even transfers the corner weights and percentages to the set up sheet. It’s gone to save you a lot of time. Email me for terms and conditions. You also get 2 free updates as they become available. I’ll also send you, free of charge the complete “nine sheets” collection of 44 pages of individual karting related spreadsheets.
$25 .00
mail; for complete instructions.