Cost of a clone?


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What is a decent price for a gently used clone for a peewee red plate class? Seems like a huge range from one extreme to the other. Just wondering what y'all think is a fair price. Thanks in advance.
S&M racing engines get 650$ for a new clone race ready and its just as good as the $1000 clones. your paying for a name. the more you pay the more hps you feel like geting. and thats not just S&M racing engines thats a lot of the smaller engine builders. but not all of them
He is talking about used engines, not new ones from builders. But what you said does make a point also, when you buy an engine, whether its new or used, your usually paying for the builders name on it more than you are for the engine itself. An engine from a top builder like tod miller will cost you almost 3x as much as an engine you can buy from jimmy sims or dyno cams, or one of the kit engines from someone like Dover. If you are just starting out, you would be better off with one of the cheap brand new BSP motors from Box Stock Project for around $130, add a flywheel, top plate and fuel pump, chain guard and clutch to it and have less than $300 in a race ready engine that you can learn with. The BSP engines come out of the box as good quality engines, alot of the top builders use these as their base platform that they start with when they build an engine anyways.
in that class you could build your self for around 250 bucks. don't buy a used motor unless you know the history of it
You mentioned Red Plate.. I read in another thred you were just getting into karting and had a good experience visiting CKI.. Indeed good people.. You will find many others that spend alot of time on 4 helping people wthout their hand stuck out for payment as well..

Being you have such a young driver I feel a good used motor would fit the bill nicely. A totally fresh one sould be in hand for approx $300-$350 range..You may still need a header and chain guard to finish it.. Take th extra money you would need for new and spend it on tires and the odds & ends thats needed to race.. Also being you are new it would be best to stay local so you can actually get some hands on hep to start with..

Not sure where you plan on racing.. Woodleaf hasa EXCELLENT Red Plate beginners class.. You will NOT need top of the line stuff to be competitive.. Great kart count and you get your share of time on the track like all other classes.. Great place for families,, very little trouble with bullies etc.. And the owners really care about Karting.. Our employees frequint the track and would be there for hands on help if need be..

If we can be of ay assistence feel free to give us a call or emal..

Jerry Dover
We plan on running Woodleaf for that very reason. I have gotten tremendous feedback from the great folks on here about Woodleaf and their kids program so that's where we are going in the spring. We certainly aren't going for everything brand new at this point but I don't mind spending more for quality and durability especially in the motor department. However like you said if I can get a good quality used motor then it will help me on the backside. Seeing as I have 2 kids starting at the same time I am trying to get the most bang for my buck times two. Jerry I appreciate your input, it answers my question perfectly and gives me a gauge when pricing stuff. I am very appreciative of the feedback here.
Jerry and his crew are DEFINITELY is a class act and will offer you some fo the best service around. Like they saying goes, you can spend more, but you won't buy better. That is exactly how I feel about Jerry. I have been racing since 1986 and a member on Bob's since 1996. I have bought some stuff from Jerry and can ell you they are honest, up front and will do everything in their power to help you have a positve experience. If Jerry says you need it, then you need it.

I have read your other posts and can tell you that I have worked with John and the guys at CKI. I have raced their chassis since my days at Rockingham. They are a class act too. With guys like this in your corner, it's hard to set a foot wrong.
Hey Mike, thanks for the input and I agree with you 100%. I am looking forward to getting to a point where I feel comfortable and don't feel so unprepared but that takes and time and the good folks on here are a blessing!!!
What is a decent price for a gently used clone for a peewee red plate class? Seems like a huge range from one extreme to the other. Just wondering what y'all think is a fair price. Thanks in advance.

davea7 has offered you a heck of a deal there , and nice pics to boot . he is one of the best Bobs4Cycle members there is !!!!! you should consider it :)
That is a smoking deal. I'd also like to say how well of a racetrack woodleaf is. Some of the best racing around on Friday night. You and your kids will have a blast there.