CR500 Transmissions


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Why do most people pull most of the gears out of the transmissions? It seems as most of these engines only have 3rd and 4th gear. it cant be that much weight? Do they have a tendency to come apart? rolling mass? friction?
We remove ours for two reasons
1. So that there is room to realign the gears so 100% of them are touching
2. To simplify the gear box and we also weld up the shifter drum to eliminate all the extra neutrals


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we had sup put ours back in. Apparently there is some risk, maybe on rough tracks, or under wheel hopping conditions, of the countershaft stressing the cases and breaking the case around the bearing without the additional support of the additional gearsets. I think I am saying that correctly. I have the "4th gear only" stuff that we took out hanging on the wall of the garage in case we need that in the future, .


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Raced Cycleland for years with only 4th gear and never had any issues. Less weight, no accidental neutral shifts while racing, and it's a 1:1 ratio.