Cremac Racing Oil?


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Ran it about 10 years ago. Does it still exist? Had great results then. Got 15yr old running new local short tract. Anything like it out there now. Need a good oil Again. running Flathead but will be going to Clone. tks.
Cramac used to be out of SC I think. Number I have is (843) 382-2452. Dont know if it still works. Havent used it in a long time.
I have a half jug of Cramac in the garage was not happy with it, now use it for wheel bearings, smells pretty though.
There was many qualities of Cramac oil. I did have great results while using there Mach 3 in limited flatheads. I just did a search for any new cramac posts and came across this post. They do seem to be a business of the past, yet I think I may try to use up my last two gallons of Mach 2 that I have in a new LO 206 while hoping not to become unhappy about doing so.
We have all heard the horror stories about mixing oils and the dangers of doing so. Cramac has got to be the leader of the pack on the list of "do not mix" oils. The "goobers" that it forms when it comes in contact with conventional type petroleum oils is extreme to say the least. That's why I only used it for an extremely short time. That was years ago and cant remember the specifics but I still remember the black globs to this day.. I think I still have some somewhere. I will have to look.
Thanks for the warning , I plan to flush the motor with solvent to get rid of the oil that Briggs uses when assembling them. I remember Blue Goobers, but I didn't save any of them.:)
guys the Mach ii based oils were all PAO based. period.. no issues at all mixing with conventional oils just like Mobil one wil lmix with most any conventional oil

the Mach series is an excellent oil for any OHV engine. all we ran in our OHVs and flat heads..

CRAMAC always suggested you simply clean you engine before runing there oil to avoid any conflicts.. never had them myself and if you can find it it's one of the cleanest oils out there. Your crankcase will look new when you drain the oil
I still have several gallons but I will have to look to see which weights I still have. It has been sitting for a few years though. If anyone is interested in it, I will make you a great deal on it. :)
I know this is an old thread topic but I just found the thread on google search. CRAMAC was a great kart engine oil. If they haven't come back from limbo, they should. I was partial to running FHS thru the season but at the end of the season I'd always flush with gasoline and refill with CRAMAC. Run a few laps and put it away for Winter. When disassembled to refresh, the inside of the engine looked like you were going to show it off at a car show.