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I'm not saying I have any or can get some but just incase I get lucky some day and get some... Anyone have any recommendations on how to use it and what it does for the tires ect. Feel free to elaborate on all the uses but no hating on the creo!
I learned the hard way on how to use creo. I was told by one person to use it during the week on our 55s. Big mistake. After talking to several different people at our track, they all told me that you don't put it on anything other than 11s at the track if the track is soupy. It also doesn't come out of the tires. After one day race on the 55s they were glazed and hard as a rock. It's taken me a lot of time and effort to pull out as much as I can.
you dont put creo on anything by itself, best way to use it is to mix a cap full of it with your favorite prep for low bite conditions. Never use it thru the week! i have heard that fastbraden11 is the man to talk to about creo, may be able to ask him and get better info than anywhere else
but its also very harsh on your tires, i never use it, but have learned alot about it on here and know a couple people that use it and swear by it, but they also throw away tires after using it a couple of times also
Alot of other things can do the same thing and are alot less hazardous to your health!

X2 and easier to work with. Its a prep mostly used for a wet track. This time of year a lot of guys will play around with it. Track is really soft I used to mix wintergreen, creo, and goat.....and I mean really darn soft...It was a pre race wipe. There are better things out there now.
I'm looking for something that will add bite on a sandy track..... This track gets watered every heat and by the end it has a dust on it that is like driving on ice.... I'm trying everything but creo is next if u guys don't have recommendations.... I'm running burris 11s this time of year
Is try the ffts purple from James Raines, our track was like that the other week and it built unbeleiveable bite in the tire
Is try the ffts purple from James Raines, our track was like that the other week and it built unbeleiveable bite in the tire

Spot on... This prep is very good. We are a dealer for Waks and FFTS preps. I am out of the FFTS at the moment but I will have more here before to long. Give James a call as he is a very very good guy!!
I used Earls prep this past weekend and it made a huge difference with his purple..... I'm just seeing if there is better out there... This is a hard track to race with lots of hp
Soco Purple is outstanding for sandy conditions on a hard track because it adds a lot of bite without softening. You can mix it with Soco blue or red for more of a softening affect depening on hardness of your tracks.
So on a hard track do I want lower durro or higher? And obviously as much bite as I can get on sandy ****ty track right lol?
i've used it without mixing it with anything.It will make the tire both soft and grip, but I've found if you use too much it will make your tires heavy. prep it several times and then weigh it against a tire with a store bought prep, you'll be amazed. It is hard to get cresto out of a tire, but it's not easy and it doesn't all come out. I found rolling them in a hot box is the best way to prep the tires with cresto.