CRG LO206 package for sale


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***FOR SALE*** $3,200 This kart comes as a complete race set-up (with kart stand) and is PERFECT for the competitive and/or beginner racer looking to run Road Courses on a competitive, but cheap level.

I have a 2008 CRG Kalifornia, originally built to be a shifter kart and has been a very competitive LO206 kart for road racing. It has ran primarily in Woodbridge Kart Club road races and some WKA road races. As stated above, this was a shifter kart kept in prestine condition by original owner, and I have bought this and ran in the CIK LO206 class the past two seasons. It has finished 2nd in Woodbridge Kart Club points for 2019 and 2020, and this year alone has won two races, finished podium in all but one WKC race, as well as top 10 finishes in Savannah, Charlotte, and top 5 at Pittsburgh on the national level.

This kart comes with:
* updated metric hubs (CRG rear hubs are included as well)
*sprocket hub with aluminum sprocket guards (both are brand new this year) *brake rotor and hub (brand new this year)
*CRG-style caliper and master cylinder (with brand new seals)
*Mychron5 2T with RPM & head temp leads as well as battery charger
*Odenthal LO206 motor mount
*Douglas Low Volume 130mm front wheels, Low Volume 180mm rear wheels and Douglas standard 210mm rear wheels (130mm and 180mm are brand new this year)
* 3qt. Fuel Tank (also new this year)
*MPI steering wheel
*Complete HRE prepped LO206 motor with Hilliard Inferno Flame clutch and carburetor (this was also brand new this year with updated seal.... also was the motor which powered me to 2 wins this year)
*Tuck & Run #35 skip-tooth sprockets from 54-64 (can also supply 21t driver for newbies looking to start in road racing this year)
*Also includes KartLift buggy as pictured below!

Kart is currently apart for cleaning and prepping for 2021 season, which buyer will not have to worry about upon purchase, but I can get more pictures over the weekend if requested. Currently located in Statesville, NC but can arrange to bring up to Shepherdstown, WV area.


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