Cross weight question?


By moving the left rear out will it increase cross or decrease cross? i don't have scales at this time too be able to find out myself. so I just need some input on this.


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Yes . out will reduce it slightly .
No real big change .

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So if I move the LR wheel out will that loosen or tighten the kart?
Tighten on entry and loosen on exit, moving rear wheel spacing for a handling issue is just a bandaid effect, no speed to be found, set them before scaling and other than a minor tweak leave them alone.
For handling issues look elsewhere.
What issues are you having ?


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Why IMHO proly maybe wrong ... :) ?

Cross is about weight at the RF and LR teeter totting or rocking across the planted LF and RR.

LF> /\-----/\ <RR

Put a board across the "-----" line going between the RF and LR and the board is about cross. (across between the RF and LR)

Post #5 says moving it out will slightly decrease cross.
Understanding why takes a lot of thinking about it because of the location of the weight the tire applies to the scale, it changes how the weight of the tire is being applied to the scale, it raises up the LR corner of the chassis and it also changes the RF which is on the other end of the board between the LR and RF.
Is the simple moving of the RR tire out complicated about what it does?
answer: yes

IMHO the simple of it and why from post #8.

The end result with who cares about how it changes the numbers is when you move it out more weight is going to be available at the LR and LF because you made it harder to move what weight is at the LR on entry.
The increase in usable weight is going to help make your stagger work and help get your LF to start you into the turn.

The other end of it is turn exit and if your change means you end up with too much usable weight at the LR on exit when your starting to accelerate, that weight left at the LR is going to help make the back end want to swing around on you.
End result can be or will be will loosen/freed up on exit.

And as I mentioned up front the simple moving of the LR out does a whole bunch of things and is complicated.

I think that's why Post #8 pretty much said "set it and forget it" and asked for what specific problem your original question is asking about.

If all you needed was a yes or no to settle things in your head, then if I'm correct about post #5 saying it decreases it that's your answer.

Sure hope what I wrote agreeing with both posts 5 and 8 is correct because it is complicated for me.

Is there a specific on track problem your thinking moving the LR out will fix?

If my reply is out of line and screws up the whole thread please let me know and I'll get rid of it and butt out.
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